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Database and coordination Unit of Mine Action in Quang Binh Province

Post-War Clearance Efforts to Release Land

History of overcoming UXO

In the period 2016-2020:

+ 3.179 ha cleared, in which:

- Military: 170 ha

- MAG 1.566 ha

- KOICA 1.443 ha

- 28.194 UXO was found and destroyed


Surveyed CHA area

44,014,949 (m2)

The total Area of land released


Number of EOD tasks completed


Number of UXO that are safely

Survey activity includes non-technical and technical survey.

According to the definition of IMAS (2013), this activity refers to the collection and analysis of data, without the use of technical interventions or using appropriate technical interventions, about the presence, type, distribution and surrounding environment of mine/ERW contamination, in order to define better where mine/ERW contamination is present, and where it is not, and to support land release prioritisation and decision-making processes through the provision of evidence.

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According to the definition of IMAS (2013)

In the context of mine action, the term “Clearance” refers to tasks or actions to ensure the removal and/or the destruction of all mine and ERW hazards from a specified area to a specified depth. In Quang Tri Province, beside the “static clearance” of a particular area size, a lot of mobile explosive ordnance disposal activities (EOD) have been conducted to immediately remove and destroyed ERW found on the ground and reported by the local people.

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Accidents and Victims

According to the definition of IMAS (2009)

Mine Risk Education (MRE) is activities which seek to reduce the risk of injury from mines/ERW by raising awareness of men, women, and children in accordance with their different vulnerabilities, roles and needs, and promoting behavioural change including public information dissemination, education and training, and community mine action liaison…

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According to the definition of IMAS (2004)

Victims Assistance / Survivor Assistance refers to all aid, relief, comfort and support provided to victims (including survivors) with the purpose of reducing the immediate and long-term medical and psychological implications of their trauma.

Post-clearance development plays an important

Post-clearance development plays an important role in improving the socio-economic situation, strongly concerned by the local people as well as local authorities, and has contributed to the effectiveness of “clearance” in a specified area. Organizations such as Quang Binh Military Command, KOICA, MAG, PTVN… … have supported in building up resettlement villages and other social welfare projects in some particular “cleared lands”.